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Central to my painting is what I see and experience every day. I was brought up in Devon by the sea and have always loved the seasonal changes and the feel of the beach, the sea and the sky.
I live with my husband David, the studio potter on the Jurassic Coast

My paintings are an emotional response resulting from the presence of a place in my memory.

 My work is of the elements – the weather, the coastal landscape, the movement and the colours. I am especially fascinated by the geological processes that have created the Dorset coast and the evidence of change over time held within the rocks and cliffs.

The unrelenting erosion and weathering exposes and reveals the evidence of previous life and physical forces and processes hidden from us for thousands of years.This process of wearing away and rebuilding of the landscape layer upon layer, connects to my layering of the paint on the canvas, the creation of surface and the scratching back through to reveal past layers, reminiscent of the natural processes of layering in the environment.

In my recent work, focussing on Portland,I have been painting on wood panels, enabling me to cut into and re-build on to the solid surface.The finished 'block' painting has a weightiness and physical presense which brings me closer to the subject matter.

The beauty of what I observe and feel in the changing moods of the coast creates enormous tensions between the brutal, harsh and raw elements and the calmer, sensual prettiness of the softly undulating coastal landscape of Dorset.

'This journey of Jan’s is one we should feel privileged to accompany her on, for the paintings that result from her engagement with the places that inspire her are very beautiful. Not only that, because they depict appearances in a way that does not rely on direct representation, they manage to say profound things about those places, things elusive and half-understood, yet which somehow touch us all.’
‘Dorset’ magazine March 2009 (Click to view full article)


I trained as an Art teacher and spent the early years of teaching near Ely, Cambridge. Living in the rural Fen landscape, with my husband and two young boys, we explored ideas of self-sufficiency and at that time, I specialised in creating designs on fabric using the batik process. I exhibited widely in Cambridge and East Anglia and London.

Seeking the coast, we moved to Dorset more than 20 years ago where I continued to teach until three years ago. I now love to paint.

Jan Walker